• A fine mesh medical basket, two endoscope steel baskets and a surgical instrument tray.
  • A galvanized steel shopping basket and two black coated steel display baskets.
  • A galvanized steel rinse basket and a galvanized steel fruit basket.

Metal Basket - Say Goodbye to Clutter

Metal baskets referring to a metal mesh with openwork pattern, are generally used to contain a wide range of items for washing, sterilization, storing, shopping as well as rinsing. Normally, there are so many types of baskets in the market; the two main types are metal basket and plastic basket. And many customers may be attracted by the lower price of plastic baskets, but the simple comparison below will tell you why a metal basket is better.

Metal basket PK Plastic basket
Quality stainless steel or chrome / nickel plated steel. Material Made of high quality plastic.
High rigidity that will not easy to bend and deform. Rigidity Easy to crack even splinter if impacted.
High bearing capacity - can hold heavy items. Capacity Only storing daily lightweight items.
More sophisticated and organic design. Design Normal design without artistic sense.
Can be color powder painted in any color. Color Any color is available to suit your decor theme.
Electro-polished smooth shiny surface that will last for years. Surface Smooth surface but easy to get scratched.
For storing, sterilization, draining, heating, shopping, etc. Application Only can be used for storing products.
Long lifespan with great rust and corrosion resistance. Lifetime Short lifespan no more than ten years.
A little high price but cost more effective in the long run. Price Low price but will not last as long as metal baskets.

When we use metal baskets?

Medical instrument sterilization

For all we know, the cleaning and sterilization of medical instrument, especially surgical instrument are extremely important as they may affect the health of patients. So medical metal baskets are used to clean these instruments and prevent bacteria from growth and spreading. For example, surgical instrument trays and sterilization wire baskets can not only decrease the contact of normal medical instruments but also allow for an effective method of sterilization in various washer and disinfectors. As to small, delicate or sharp instruments, fine mesh baskets are considered to best choices. Meanwhile, endoscope baskets coming with soft silicone clamps can also be supplied by our company.

Two endoscopes are put into a stainless steel perforated endoscope baskets

Daily storing & organization

Are you tired of tidying your room or sorting disordered items? Then use wire storage basket! They are great containers for helping your to store like goods together and keeping your home, your office even your kitchen organized. You also can use a fruit basket to store various types of fruits in the kitchen and a round wire basket to ensure no toys, baseball bars or umbrellas lack a spot to live. In addition, rinsing basket, made of quality stainless steel, are perfect for rinsing and drying your bowls, dishes, cups as well as fruits and vegetables.

Some magazines are put into a yellow powder coated wire storage basket

Product show & Shopping

If you are a shop owner or dedicated in running a bakery, a simple but effective showcase may be crucial to the growth of product sale. So wire display baskets are welcomed as it is easy to see what is in the basket thanks to its open grid design. Most of all, they are long lasting at an affordable price. In addition, wire shopping basket is a must for providing a convenient and comfortable shopping to your customers. Meanwhile, wire shopping basket can be stacked together when they are not in use to save more space for you.

Two black and one white wire display basket filling with various goods

Easy carrying items when riding.

Have you ever ridden a bike to a shop, bought some products but found there is no place to store them when riding? A wire bicycle will solve this kind of problem! They can be mounted on the handlebar or the rear luggage carrier according to your preference. Meanwhile, three types are available including grid type, fine mesh type as well as combination type for you to choose from.

A white powder coated bicycle baskets are mounted on the handlebar of a white bike.

Warming your room

Are you tired of stacking wood or logs every winter to heat your room? If your answer is yes, we believe you may like pellet basket which can eliminate the need of wood stacking. Pellet baskets can be placed inside of your existing wood stove or a fireplace without the need of electric and natural gas. Meanwhile, wood pellets are easy to ignite than traditional wood. Three types of pellet baskets are available including expanded type, perforated types and welded types. You can choose the proper type according to your preference.

An expanded pellet basket filling with pellets for heating

Hot Proucts

Stainless Steel Cooling Racks

Here are all standard and customized stainless steel cooling racks for commercial kitchens. Special discount is ready for more than 500 pieces orders.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Baskets

We are specialized in producing 100% qualified ultrasonic cleaning baskets. Customized sizes, handles and locks for industrial, medical and aerospace industries.

Surgical Instrument Trays

Our surgical instrument trays are available in woven mesh style, welded mesh style and perforated side style with optional handles, lids and dividers.

Sterilization Wire Basket

Sterilization wire baskets, made of high quality stainless steel, are ideal for cleaning and disinfecting of medical instruments and food appliance.