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Stainless Steel Cooling Racks

Here are all standard and customized stainless steel cooling racks for commercial kitchens. Special discount is ready for more than 500 pieces orders.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Baskets

We are specialized in producing 100% qualified ultrasonic cleaning baskets. Customized sizes, handles and locks for industrial, medical and aerospace industries.

Surgical Instrument Trays

Our surgical instrument trays are available in woven mesh style, welded mesh style and perforated side style with optional handles, lids and dividers.

Sterilization Wire Basket

Sterilization wire baskets, made of high quality stainless steel, are ideal for cleaning and disinfecting of medical instruments and food appliance.

Fine Mesh Baskets

Fine mesh baskets features micro mesh with small apertures for securing small, delicate and sharp instruments during washing and sterilization.

Endoscope Basket

High quality stainless steel endoscope baskets provide extremely good washing and sterilization to endoscopes using silicon fixings to avoid damages.

Wire Storage Basket

Wire storage baskets, made of high quality vinyl coated or chrome plated wire, are ideal for organizing your items and reduce clutter.

Wire Shopping Basket

Our wire shopping baskets made of rigid zinc or chrome plated steel wire, feature durable structure and folding handles making shopping convenient.

Wire Display Basket

Wire display baskets, made of chrome or nickel plated steel, are generally used to display your products providing excellent visibility.

Wire fruit basket

Our company can supply a range of stainless steel or chrome / nickel plated steel fruit basket with high strength, durability and long life span.

Round Wire Basket

Round wire basket, made of quality galvanized or PVC coated steel wire, are ideal for tidying your cluttered room and storing various items.

Bicycle Basket

Our bicycle baskets, mounted to the front handlebar or rear luggage carrier, are galvanized or powder coated for superb rust resistance.

Rinse Basket

Draining & rinsing basket is a type of stainless steel basket for dish rinsing and air-drying with plate racks and anti-skidding rubber ring.

Pellet Basket

Pellet basket make of quality steel, allows for ease of heating your home without fussing of kindling, stacking core wood and electric & natural gas.