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Wire Storage Basket - Optimal Storage Solution

Wire storage basket is generally designed to keep your home tidier and reduce clutter by organizing small items around the house and putting like items together. Whatever items you want to store, our wire storage baskets will always provide the most optimal solution to you.

Our wire storage baskets are made of durable vinyl coated wire or chrome, nickel plated wire to maintain its robust structure and prevent rust and corrosion. They will help organize within your pantry, office, closet, bathroom, kitchen, freezers or anywhere else you need more storage. Meanwhile, wire storage wire basket allows for extremely good view sight and let you to know right where your items are located.

A wide range of styles and sizes of wire storage baskets can be supplied based on your needs. Meanwhile, any color can be painted to fit in with your decoration theme. Several popular styles are listed below for you to choose from. If you are not satisfied with these styles, please email us enclosing your design and we are pleased to build the specific basket for you.

A chrome plated wire storage basket with the simplest structure
  • The most common wire basket for storage.
  • Robust structure with nickel or chrome plated surface.
  • Excellent rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Capable to storing almost anything such as toys, clothes, towels, scarves, office supplies, books, DVD, etc.
  • Length: 230mm to 550mm.
  • Width: 80mm to 300mm.
  • Height: 100mm to 400mm.
A wire storage basket with wide build-in handles
  • Wire storage basket.
  • Heavy duty welded wire structure.
  • Superb nickel finish.
  • Smooth surface effectively avoids damages to user.
  • Strong and wide build-in handles make it easy to handle.
  • Application: Perfect for storing books, tools, clothes, towels and any other small item.
  • Size: 13” L × 7.5” W × 8” H; 11” L × 6” W × 6” H.
A chrome plated wire storage basket WTB-3 for storing items in refrigerator.
  • Wire freezer basket.
  • Build-in handles providing flexible mobility in freezers.
  • Nestable and stackable for space saving when not in use.
  • Appropriate openings make it easy to view each basket’s content.
  • Applications: Can be used in pantry, closets and freezers.
  • Size: 16” L × 8-3/4” W × 9-1/4” H; 15” L × 8-1/2” W × 5-1/2” H; 16” L × 9” W × 9” H.
A blue vinyl coated wire storage basket WTB-4 with ID label holder and build-in handles
  • Wire wine basket.
  • Heavy loaded without distortion.
  • Build-in handles for convenient handling and carrying.
  • With integrate ID label holder for labeling items and helping find your wanted item.
  • Application: Ideal for storing books, records, DVDS, tools, wines and toys in a playroom, kitchen or a bathroom.
  • Size: 12” L × 12” W × 9” H or any other custom sizes.
A Nickle wire storage basket WTB-5 with ID label holder for sorting your small items
  • Robust structure makes it capable to withstand the roughest use, even can be mounted to your wall.
  • Easy to see into the basket to take items out easily no matter how small.
  • With integrate ID label holder for labeling items and grouping congener items together.
  • Size: 14”L × 11.88”W × 7.5”H; 12.75”L × 9.75”W × 8”H; 13”L × 9”W × 8”H; 13”L × 12”W × 8”H.
A chrome plated wire storage basket WTB-6 with concave front top frame.
  • Stackable and nestable structure for space saving when the baskets are not in use.
  • Concave top - easy to see basket’s contents, convenient to put items in as well as take them out.
  • Can be used in kitchen, cabinet, closet, bathroom or anywhere you want.
  • Size: 13” L × 10.4” W × 8.4” H.
A silver wire storage basket WTB-7 with two folding handles
  • An excellent transporting tool with folding handles.
  • Excellent rust and corrosion resistance.
  • The handles can be fold down and the basket can be stacked for easy storage.
  • Can be used in kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or anywhere need to be organized.
  • Size: 8.75”L × 8.25”W × 4.5”H; 11.13”L × 8.75”W × 4.62”H.
A chrome plated under-shelf storage basket WTB-8
  • Under shelf basket - easy to slid onto an existing shelf.
  • Creating additional space for storing your items.
  • Easy to push in and draw out when hanging from shelf.
  • Can be stacked on the floor.
  • No need of mounting hardware.
  • Size: 17”L × 10”W × 6-1/4”H; 20”L × 10”W × 7”H; 15-1/4”L × 10”W × 6-1/4”H; 11-1/2”L × 10”W × 6”H; 21”L × 10”W × 6-1/4”H.
A chrome plated wire storage basket WTB-9 with two hooks for hanging over any cabinet door
  • Designed to hang over the any cabinet door.
  • Graduated top make it easy to put your items in.
  • Lightweight yet heavy loaded.
  • Keep your clothes tidy and handy when you need them.
  • Application: Storing clothes, socks, vest, scarves and other small items.
  • Size: 10” L × 6.5” W × 12” H.
A handmade black coated wire storage basket WTB-10 with two swing handles for easy carrying
  • Handmade black wire basket fit almost decor theme.
  • Swing handles and wire hand shanks for easy & comfortable handling and carrying.
  • Chain link wire mesh makes the basket more attractive with elegant old looking.
  • Application: Fruit, vegetables, bread, pine cones or other daily sundries.
  • Size: 16”L × 13”W × 11”H; 13.12”L × 10”W × 7.45”H.
A black rectangular wire storage basket WTB-11 with two folding handles
  • Hand-crafted black wire basket.
  • Rectangular structure provides vintage appearance to your home or office.
  • With two folding handles for easy handling.
  • Ideal for storing small like items together such as socks, gloves.
  • Size: 14.17”L × 10”W × 5”H.
A chrome plated wire storage basket WTB-12 with two integrated handles
  • Strong chain link steel mesh provides modern and elegant appearance to decorate your home or office.
  • Stackable structure for space saving when they are not in use.
  • With combo handles for easy handling.
  • Application: Fruit, vegetables, foods, toys and scarves, etc.
  • Size: 8.7”L × 8.7”W × 7.13”H; 11.94”L × 6”W × 6.25”H; 12.94”L × 7.13”W × 6.75”H; 13.94”L × 7.5”W × 7.25”H.

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