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Endoscope Basket - Welded & Perforated Type

Endoscope basket provides an optimum way of securing endoscopes and other medical instruments when transporting, washing and sterilizing. To avoid damages to endoscopes, they are generally fixed by soft silicon clamps on a stainless steel support. As a specialist for supplying quality endoscope baskets, we can supply two types including standard welded type and perforated type as shown below:

A stainless steel welded endoscope basket
Standard welded endoscope basket
A stainless steel perforated endoscope basket with square holes
Perforated endoscope basket - square hole
A stainless steel perforated endoscope basket with round holes
Perforated endoscope basket - round hole
Five types of soft silicon clamps
Soft silicon clamps


  • Quality stainless steel, such as AISI 304 makes the basket a robust and durable asset.
  • Electrolyte polished after welding or punching similar to fine mesh baskets.
  • Smooth surface without burrs and sharp edges.
  • Free of wire distortion and weld discoloration.
  • Removable covers for easy opening and closing.
  • With special fasteners to avoid accidental opening.
  • Excellent permeability for an extremely good washing and sterilization process without blind spots.
  • Soft silicon clamps are available to prevent injuries of basket caused by sharp instruments as well as protect instruments form damages
  • The endoscope basket can withstand multiple cycles of high temperature up to 300℃ so that they can be used in all forms of disinfection process such as steam and gas plasma.
  • Silicone clamps can be cleaned and disinfected along with endoscopes even at a high temperature.
Standard endoscope basket
Code Length mm Width mm Height mm
SEB-1 290 80 52
SEB-2 290 80 55
SEB-3 460 80 52
SEB-4 465 80 55
SEB-5 465 160 76
SEB-6 640 150 77
SEB-7 290 80 52
SEB-8 460 80 52
SEB-9 465 80 55
SEB-10 465 160 76
SEB-11 640 150 77
SEB-12 670 80 52
SEB-13 670 80 55
Perforated endoscope basket
Code Length mm Width mm Height mm
PEB-1 300 84 50
PEB-2 450 84 50
PEB-3 450 104 50

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