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Pellet Baskets for Heating Your Home Conveniently

A person is going to ignite the pellet in the perforated pellet baskets.
Pellet basket provides a convenient way of heating your home - no need to stacking core wood any more.

Pellet basket refers to a small metal basket inserted in a classic wood stove or fireplace for holding and burning wood pellets. Comparing with traditional wood, pellets are more convenient and easier to ignite - no fussing with kindling and wood stacking any more. Additionally, pellet basket is a low-cost alternative to expansive pellet stove – that is why pellet basket is so welcomed by our customers.


  • Convenient to heat your room using existing stoves.
  • No electric and natural gas required.
  • Easy to fill the basket using ash shovels or scoops.
  • Easy to ignite by all kinds of kindling.
  • Excellent air circulation - no need of fans.
  • Long burning time - 2 hours to 12hours according to its capacity.
  • No need of stacking wood any more.
  • Capacity: 10lbs to 30lbs of pellets.
  • High quality steel with anti-rust coating allows for a long life span.
  • Easy to maintenance.


Various styles of pellet baskets are available: Perforated style, expanded styles and fully welded style as shown in the following pictures:

A square perforated pellet basket with square holes.
Perforated square pellet basket
L × W × H: 445mm × 234mm × 210mm
A round perforated pellet basket with square holes.
Perforated round pellet basket
180mm in diameter × 210mm in height
An expanded pellet basket with steel bar support
Expanded pellet basket
L × W × H: 457mm × 241mm × 140mm
A fully welded pellet basket with black plastic coating
Fully welded pellet basket
L × W × H: 305 / 432mm × 241mm × 203mm


  • The ashes at bottom of pellet baskets are recommended to be cleaned up daily for excellent air circulation.
  • Do not forget to check your stove periodically, for example, the chimney should be non-blocked to ensure smoke passes through easily.

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