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Using a Wire Fruit Basket to Decorate Your Home

A cluster of grapes are placed in the stainless steel wire fruit basket WFB-4
Using a fruit basket to highlight your contemporary lifestyle

Wire fruit baskets, with stylish appearance, provide a more contemporary display of fruits, vegetables and ornamental objects than tradtional display baskets. Meanwhile, they can also give an artist air to your room or make a gift for wedding or housewarming. As a professional designer and manufacturer of wire fruit baskets, we believe our product will satisfy you owing to following advantages.

  • Made of 100% stainless steel to ensure its durability and strength. (They can be made of quality chrome or nickel plated steel wire upon your request).
  • Excellent rust and corrosion resistance for a longer lifespan.
  • Smooth surface to protect user’s hand from scratching.
  • Gleaming electro-polished mirror finish allows for a shiny contemporary appearance.
  • Open design for exposing more surface area to air to keep fruit fresh longer.
  • Easy to maintain just using a damp cloth.
A silver wire fruit basket WFB-1 with three steel feet
  • Integrated feet for elevating your display of fruits.
  • Eight structural ribs are soldered to the basket to added strength and durability.
  • Size: 9cm H × 22cm OD; 10cm H × 24cm OD; 13.5cm H × 26cm OD.
A silver wire fruit basket WFB-2 with wire loops welded to outside of top frame
  • Quality stainless steel wire body.
  • All wire loops are welded to outside of the top frame.
  • Wire diameter: 1.5mm.
  • Size: 8.5cm H × 20cm OD; 9.2cm H × 22cm OD; 10.5cm H × 24cm OD; 10.5cm H × 26cm OD.
A silver wire fruit basket WFB-3 with wire loops welded to inner side of top frame
  • Similar to WFB-2, but all wire loops are welded to the inside of top frame for smoother surface.
  • With stable base to support the baskets.
  • Size: 12cm H × 21cm OD.
  • Base size: 2cm H × 10.5cm OD.
A pendulous fruit basket with a stable wire base
  • Pendulous stainless steel wire basket for providing a stylish appearance.
  • Stable base for protecting the basket from falling off.
  • Size: 29cm L × 22.5cm W × 16.5cm H.
  • Base size: 18cm L × 12cm W.
A stainless steel fruit basket with a folding handle for easy carrying
  • Electro-polished shiny surface.
  • Single folding handle for easy carrying.
  • Stylish design makes it ideal for making a home warming gift.
  • Four feet to protect the surface of table or counter tops.
A silver wire fruit basket WFB-6 in shape of conical
  • Cool conical structure.
  • Ideal to be placed on the coffee table or counter tops.
  • Round base frame makes the basket extremely stable.
  • Top diameter: 31cm.
  • Bottom diameter: 18cm.
A stainless steel fruit basket WFB-7 with continuous wire loops and stable base.
  • Continues loops are welded to the top wire frame.
  • Stable steel base ensures the basket will not fall off by lowing the center of gravity.
  • Size: 20cm H × 22cm OD
  • Base size: 12.6cm in diameter.
A stainless steel fruit basket WFB-8 in tapered rectangular shape from top to the bottom.
  • Tapered rectangular shape makes the basket seem cool.
  • Large openings allows for great presentation of juicy fruits.
  • Smooth and shiny surface.
  • Size: 27cm in length, 27cm in width and 23.5cm in height.
A fruit basket WFB-9 composed of quality stainless steel bars
  • Contemporary design for placing on the coffee table.
  • Made of quality stainless steel 18-8 for high durability and excellent rust resistance.
  • Height: 34cm.
  • Top diameter: 13cm.
A contemporary fruit basket WFB-10 with a unique hook
  • Unique hooks are designed to hang and protect bananas and grapes from bruises.
  • Four ball feet allow for great protection to tables.
  • Bowl diameter: 28cm.
A stainless steel two-tier fruit basket WFB-11
  • Two-tier wire fruit basket.
  • With integrated feet for supporting the basket.
  • Four reinforcing ribs for improved durability.
  • Size: 46cm in height and 35cm in diameter.
A contemporary fruit basket WFB-12 with a swing ball for storing fruits.
  • Stylish design for indicating and contemporary lifestyle of the basket owner.
  • Heavy duty frame with a stable base to prevent falling off.
  • Size: 27cm in length, 21cm in width and 46cm in height.

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